Playing defense

I occasionally hang out at Yahoo Answers, there being a small number of topics about which I know a lot, or appear to know a lot, which is nearly as good; the other day, this question was posed, and I was sufficiently incensed to respond. “Is it weird for a 20 year old male to be a brony?”

Im concerned a little bit. My younger brother is sort of anti social, never says much. Never been with a girl. Only got a job recently because my parents forced him. He’s played Pokemon since he was a kid and still plays it. He’s gonna be 20. I mean not looking to rip on him, but when i was in high school i would’ve been made fun of for liking a cartoon about little ponies? And isnt it a little odd for grown men to like this sorta thing?

Umbrage was taken:

As a 60-year-old man who likes this sorta thing, I can tell you that (1) I could not possibly care less what anyone thinks about it — there can be no peer pressure when you have no peers — and (2) what kind of mindless doof thinks that corporate marketing should be the determining factor in what you like?

I get enough of this over on Cars & Transportation, where the boys are constantly whining about “girl cars.” Sorry, folks, but the moment you start worrying about this sort of thing, your Man Card is revoked.

Okay, the “peer” remark was a tick or two over the top. But I meant it.

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