Suddenly it’s 1967

I admit to being somewhat mystified that Natasha Levinger, who wrote “Make Friends but Keep Discord” — worst episode title of the entire series, if you ask me — had come up with a character who was obviously patterned on that most mysterious of humanoids, the hippie chick. Now I’m old enough to have known actual hippie chicks in Real Life, and frankly I couldn’t imagine how one of them would translate into the pony Zeitgeist: she’d have to be far Fluttershyer than Fluttershy ever dreamed of being.

As it happened, Levinger’s positioning Treehugger as Flutters’ almost-bestie worked out exceedingly well: not only would it be clear that they shared some basic values, but Treehugger lived up to the hippie-chick ethos by not becoming frustrated with Discord’s ongoing shenaninganza until she was faced with forcible removal from the dimension. Besides, didn’t Fluttershy once say that she’d like to be a tree?

So I’m okay with Treehugger. It did seem to me that Nicole Oliver transposed her Celestia voice up a half-tone or so to further differentiate it from Treehugger’s, but there’s nothing wrong with that. And it’s always fun to see Discord pitch a hissy fit when things don’t go his way. If you’re not familiar with the hippie chick as an archetype, I suggest Dean Friedman’s 1977 song “Ariel,” which captures her spirit admirably in a mere, um, 4:20.

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