The semi-official TwiBrush timeline

Not to say that I’m actually going to write any of this, but these are the assumptions I’m working with:

1002: Twilight Sparkle steps through a portal and meets a human.

1003: Said human arrives in Equestria and is ponified — because, he says, it’s an irreducible aspect of being a Very Special Somepony. He takes the name Desert Brush.

1004: Twilight and Brush are wed in the Main Hall at Canterlot Castle. Princess Celestia presides. Rarity catches the bouquet — and keeps it.

1009: Twilight applies to be an Assistant Mage. The Archmage is dubious. Celestia intercedes, and Twilight’s application is rejected outright.

1010: The couple adopt a seven-week-old earth-pony colt, and change his name from the uncomplimentary Jetsam to the less-presumptive Arcade Fire. Twilight says the name came to her in a dream; Brush advises her to cut down her tea consumption.

1012: In the expectation of getting another chance at the Mage office, Twilight gives up her position at Golden Oaks Library. The Royal Office of New Technologies is relocated to Canterlot, where Brush, now running the show, has a staff of two. It is pointed out that Brush, now sixty-nine, technically is over the mandatory retirement age; Luna overrules the bureaucracy, saying that they have no way of knowing how long he might live.

1013: Twilight is appointed an Assistant Mage, the previous Archmage having failed to object from his deathbed.

1015: After a pregnancy that defied the medical establishment’s proclamation that ponies not born ponies, like Brush, were necessarily unable to reproduce, Twilight gives birth to Skyborne Dream, a pegasus filly. Brush, as it happens, was hospitalized at the same time; during the sixteenth hour of contractions, Twilight yelled “YOU DID THIS TO ME!” and propelled the stallion into the nearest wall.

1015: Brush takes not-all-that-early retirement to care for the foals.

1019: Twilight argues that there should be term limits for the position of Archmage, to the annoyance of the current Archmage. Celestia agrees, but specifies that the new ten-year limit will not apply to the current holder of the office.

1020: Twilight is appointed to the office of Archmage, her predecessor having passed on.

1022: The Royal Office of New Technologies is re-relocated back to Ponyville, and Scootaloo becomes the new director.

1027: Brush is hospitalized briefly following an apparent cardiac incident. No anomalies were found.

1030: Twilight declines a second term as Archmage, citing constant infighting in the office, and accepts a teaching position in the Department of Magical Arts at the University of Canterlot.

1039: Twilight is made a full professor and is granted tenure.

1042: Desert Brush passes away, six days before his 99th birthday. Celestia and Luna proclaim a Day of Mourning. Said Twilight Sparkle at the ceremony: “It may be truly said that never before was there anypony like him.”

4 Responses to The semi-official TwiBrush timeline

  1. Zyrian says:

    I have just found this website through a comment you left on a blogpost on, and saw this timeline.

    I don’t know how long you’ve been planning this timeline, but I think it is a sound idea, and will be willing to read and possibly help with the writing of said project if the time arises.

    Since I am new to your blog and writing, I am interested in seeing the subject matter given what you have here.

    Good luck, and happy writings!

  2. DS says:

    To be perfectly honest, I thought everypony else was sick of this pairing after three stories and 40,000 words. Obviously I spoke too soon.

    I wrote this timeline in about an hour after submitting the last chapter of Second Act, the last of the stories to be written but the second according to the chronology. It’s not exactly graven in stone, of course, but this is the way I foresee things going for these two.

    But maybe some of these ought to be written, right? I’ll see if I can stir up some more interest.

    In the meantime, you’ve probably already figured that this is where I stash works in progress in addition to the completed stories. The way she used to be looks like it may go five chapters; I’d planned for three, but the characters got ahead of me.

    Thanks for dropping by. I saw that you’d given me a watch; I will, of course, return the favor once I get back over there. Encouraging the novices — not that I’m all that experienced, of course — is always worth the effort.

  3. zyrian says:

    I haven’t actually read any of your work yet, so I was not aware that there was more in the same universe that was already written.I guess I should give your stuff a look now. And thanks for the watch back, though I don’t have anything for you to read. I have made a resolution to write about a thousand words a day as a personal goal. At the very least, I will have a very comprehensive collection of ramblings.

    Well, I am off to do homework then do some writing, so perhaps I will have something for you to read within a few days. Thanks for getting back with me so quickly.

    Best wishes,

  4. DS says:

    What happened was this:

    (1) I wrote The Sparkle Chronicles, in which Twilight and the unnamed human meet on his turf. (She was experimenting with portals.) It ends with them separating.

    (2) After several complaints about the ambiguous ending — I mean, she said she’d be back — I jumped ahead several months with Somepony New, which indicates that said human eventually followed her to Equestria and, with the permission of the Princesses, transformed into an earth pony.

    (3) This sparked requests for what happened in between those two stories, which is why there is Second Act.

    All three of these are on FIMFiction, marked as Complete and rated as Teen.

    One possible source of discomfiture: the first story is written in first person. The other two are not.

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