There will be no further embarrassment

If you’ve ever sidled up to the counter, looked both ways, dropped your voice several decibels and begged for a pony in your Happy Meal, well, Mickey D is looking out for your interests, kinda sorta:

McDonald’s may indeed be moving forward on its promise to retrain its employees about how to deal with gender and Happy Meals. Earlier this month, this sign was spotted [at] a McDonald’s telling employees “When a customer orders a happy meal you must ask ‘will that be a My Little Pony toy? Or a Skylanders toy?’. We will no longer refer to them as ‘boy or girl toys’.”

And surely there are females playing Skylanders.

2 Responses to There will be no further embarrassment

  1. I get a few bemused looks from the McD employees when I ask for pony toys, but that’s about it. What’s fun is going into Hobby Lobby and describing to the salespeople what you’re looking for to create an MLP cosplay outfit.

  2. DS says:

    In that case, you gotta hope there’s someone on store staff who knows what you’re talking about.

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