There’s always another fan

Cameron Aubernon writes for The Truth About Cars; she also writes occasional pony fanfic. Once in a while those two universes will intersect:

Is the standard color palette for the 2015 Dodge Viper not enough for you? Have you looked at your child’s Twilight Sparkle and Sonata Dusk brushables and thought to yourself, “Those hair colors might look good on on a Viper”? Dodge has a program just for you.

I sat there for a moment, imagining taking a Sonata Dusk-colored sports car to the taco stand, and then read down the comments, where I found this:

No, if you’re going to own a Viper, it’s Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash all the way.

He has a point. Then again, probably half the cars dressed up in pony themes are Dash-oriented, for the obvious reason.

Now to find a Toyota Corolla to give the Fluttershy treatment.

3 Responses to There’s always another fan

  1. fillyjonk says:

    Heh. Someone needs to riff on that old “What Would Jesus Drive” (e.g., “The Disciples were all in one accord” – therefore, a Honda) bit, but have it be “What would each Pony drive?”

    Derpy/Ditzy/Muffins might have a Gremlin. Applejack a pickup truck, and so on….

  2. McGehee says:

    My mother-in-law’s minivan? Granny Smith.

  3. DS says:

    I once saw a picture of Twilight Sparkle with a Honda Civic. Made perfect sense to me.

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