They don’t do it for me

A reminder from Scootareader at The Daily Oat:

One thing that many find difficult to grasp is that they are not part of the most important group. We love ponies and we look forward to ponies, but our desires are secondary. Little girls are more important to Hasbro than us when it comes to their show because this audience represents a lot more than just an outlier group; the target audience is their entire future and well-being. If they deign to ignore the parents who want their children to watch quality shows, that is a lot more lost revenue than a considerably smaller following of non-target viewers.

In fact, I’ll say something even scarier:


The fourth generation of MLP may have been utterly unique in the history of “children’s” television. But it’s not going to last forever, and eventually it will be rebooted yet again — and chances are, not for the better, at least from our point of view. What can we do about that? Nothing much — except to stay out of the way and hope we don’t rush Hasbro into any sudden moves.

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