Thoroughly Scrooged

I will happily concede that A Hearth’s Warming Eve Tail was properly Dickensian. Now I wonder how many other public-domain stories will be ponified before MLP:FiM finally screeches to a halt. And if they do get around to doing The Brothers Karamazov, clearly Twilight Sparkle should be the Ivan character.

That said, there’s a definite tendency in this series to suggest that with great magic comes great ability to screw things up: Luna’s creation of a demon with which to torture herself (Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?), Celestia’s inability to defend herself against a changeling (A Canterlot Wedding), Starlight Glimmer’s Equality or Bust movement (The Cutie Map), Sunburst’s utter fecklessness (The Crystalling), and Twilight herself more often that not. I expect that if Season Seven comes to fruition, we’ll get an exposé of how Star Swirl the Bearded himself was really kind of a douche. (I sort of hinted at this in Second Act, in a back-history reference which implied that he was in the habit of letting assistants do the scutwork.)

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    Probably not Public Domain yet, but someone on EqD suggested that some kind of retelling of “It’s a Wonderful Life” would make a nice next-Hearth-Warming’s tale, if there is one.

    Though I’m not sure who the George Bailey would be. Twilight? Luna? maybe Celestia? (Does Celestia even suffer those doubts?)

    And yes, I count myself firmly in the camp of loving that movie; I know it has its serious detractors.

  2. DS says:

    It’s a Wonderful Life actually dropped into the public domain briefly: National Telefilm Associates failed to file for copyright extension in 1974, and Republic Pictures, successor to NTA, didn’t get around to addressing this matter for a couple of decades. That said, The Greatest Gift, a 1939 story by Philip Van Doren Stern on which the film is based, has never had any such issues.

    I think Celestia suffers far more doubt than she’s ever going to be willing to admit. But I’d rather give the George Bailey role to a background pony: Lyra, perhaps.

  3. fillyjonk says:

    “It’s a Wonderful Derp” though it would never get made.

    (Maybe Cheerilee? She’s pretty background-y and also I can see a teacher feeling very much that she’s had far less beneficial impact on the world than she set out to have)

  4. DS says:

    Not to mention that the connection of her cutie mark to her daily duty is rather facilely explained away.

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