Thoughts on a Dazzling

This was prompted by the arrival of an Adagio Dazzle figure:

And yeah, I get that she was a “bad guy” but you know? Maybe they get their chance to be reformed before the end of the series. (One of the ways in which MLP is maybe “Christian without actually being Christian” is the idea that “villains” can potentially repent and be reformed and be forgiven … though some of them (Discord, I’m looking at you) can backslide … A big question I know some fans are speculating on is “Are ALL the villains going to be reformed before the end of the series, or will some remain, or will some be cast into the outer darkness?” And I admit, I kind of … like … the idea of them all ultimately being reformed and “saved.”

The acid test, so to speak, will be if Tirek (!) proves redeemable.

I wonder if there’s an Equestrian equivalent of “Amazing Grace”…

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