Time well spent

I liked this observation by Scootareader over at The Daily Oat:

Thinking logically about it, there would be far more free time in my day if I hadn’t filled it with ponies. This is a choice, not an obligation; perhaps all addicts say that about their problems, but I think that watching an educational, entertaining show for girls is ultimately a better decision of wasting time than slowly giving myself cancer, finding inebriated promiscuous women at questionable social events, or searching for solace in likewise illegal activities.

Even non-inebriated promiscuous women are few and far between at those questionable social events, or so I’ve heard.

2 Responses to Time well spent

  1. miniapplejack says:

    Filling my day with ponies? I’m OK with this!

    It absolutely beats being subjected to the brain atrophying effects of any number of reality TV series on.

  2. DS says:

    Certainly any number that exceeds zero.

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