Unconscious hilarity

As a rule, spammers exert as little effort as necessary, though sometimes they kick it up a notch. These three items were sitting in the bin, motivated evidently by references to Twilight, the series by Stephenie Meyer, which here of course would actually have been references to Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic and all-around Good Pony. I pass them on here for whatever amusement value they may have.

From “Cad”:

HAHAHA I ONLY READ THIS LINE SO FAR AND I HAD TO COMMENT BEFORE I CONTINUED: Twilight means never having to say you’re kdinidg. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL IRL HXC. I JUST FINISHED THE BOOK AND SPENT THE PAST FEW HOURS SUCKING MY BRAIN OUT WITH KIDS NAMED RESUME AND READING BAD FANFIC BREAKING DAWN. I’M SORRY FOR THE CAPSLOCK. Okay, whew, but seriously that line just made my life. There are so many stupid lulz in that book it’s ridiculous. So many Mary Sue WTF moments. Okay, back to reading … (AND I need an icon of that. STAT.)

From “Samy”:

I don’t know you–in fact, I was directed to your blog thuogrh a friend of a friend–but I have to say that I thought your snarky commentary on the Twilight books to be brilliant. All the story with the pain considerably anesthetized by your hilarious asides. I can’t believe you slogged your way thuogrh all those books, but thank you for giving me the snark-annotated Cliffs Notes version. Reading this made for great entertainment and you totally made my day.I heart you. (No, really!)

Finally, from “Christiane”:

I don’t know where to begin except to say I adore you and will line up to wohsrip at your feet. I call the Twilight trilogy Deep Fried Crack; I know it’s bad for me but I’m addicted. I refuse to accept BD as part of the series; it’s just a nightmare that SM had published, it’s not really the sequel to Eclipse. She needs to be committed for this atrocity, cause she’s proved she’s certifiable. You, my dear, are a frickin’ genius. Thank you for the laughs, they are sorely needed at this point.

All misspellings as in the originals. Incidentally, the URL included with each of these leads to a Facebook CAPTCHA, which is pretty useless in its own right.

2 Responses to Unconscious hilarity

  1. Scootareader says:

    Now I’m curious which posts these were in reference to. These people seem pretty convinced that you were talking about Breaking Dawn somewhere.

    I get the feeling you have another mystery blog that you’re not telling us anything about.

  2. DS says:

    I have, in fact, three other blogs that I’m not telling you anything about, though if I were discussing Breaking Dawn somewhere else, why would they leave comments here?

    Then again, I wrote this before I set up this site. Feel free to draw whatever conclusions you like.

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