Wanted: pony, single and free

Okay, maybe “single” is unnecessary here. But while we’re talking want ads, this question appeared on Quora:

Would unicorns be hired more for jobs than other ponies?

I gave a somewhat perfunctory response, but this one, I think, is better:

If you look closely, the show takes an entirely literal “separate but equal” approach to racial issues as a whole using the three pony tribes as proxy.

Unicorns can use magic, Pegasi can fly and control the weather, and Earth Ponies have a completely ambiguous “connection to nature” that has never been elaborated on.

The Mane Six were clearly intended to have two of each tribe in them.

Sure, there are jobs that any pony could do, and those are spread out between the tribes, but largely employment in Equestria just consists of the three races all sticking to what they’re good at and never breaking the mold.

Which called to mind — my mind, anyway — a passage from The way she used to be:

The old pony liked Detrot. In his younger days, he’d say it was because they had fewer unicorns, but that sort of utterance wouldn’t help anypony’s business connections, so he revised his assessment to “more down to earth,” reasoning — correctly, as it turned out — that pegasi wouldn’t care one way or another. Still, his first hire in Design at Baltimare Carriage was a unicorn, a very talented one, who stayed with him for twelve years, until Mustang’s operation in Detrot hired her away for, he found out later, roughly twice the salary.

No, it wasn’t five bits a day, but thank you for asking.

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  1. fillyjonk says:

    I find myself wondering if Pegasi or Earth Ponies ever feel slightly envious of unicorns and what they can do. (One of the less-pretty parts of my personality is that there are one or two people I envy because they have skills – mostly of the comfort-and-ease-with-interpersonal-relations sort – that I lack)

    Still, if I had to pick a Pony Type to be? I’d 100% be Team Pegasus, because being able to fly would make up for a lack of magic.

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