Where things stand at the moment

I had a 600-word vignette called Domestic Bliss which picked up the Twilight Sparkle/Desert Brush story from Somepony New after about six weeks; after staring at it for about a week, I finally glued it onto the far end of Somepony New, bringing my two-chapter, 6000-word epiclet to four chapters and 9000 words. Obviously planning is not my strong suit.

The demand for TwiBrush is more than I ever anticipated. (Then again, I never anticipated any demand.) Two storylines suggest themselves. One of them, the inevitable wedding, does not strike me as promising, since things would have to happen to rain on their parade, and let’s face it, nopony is going to top the changeling invasion that day in Canterlot.

That leaves something a bit more clinical. Brush, of course, was originally a human — presumably you knew that from The Sparkle Chronicles — and when the story picks up in Somepony New, he’s already been ponified and turned loose by the authorities. I’m thinking, then, that the period from Twilight’s return to the human world to take him back, through his extended sojourn in the Royal Canterlot Hospital to become a pony, might be of interest. I’ll have to mull this over for some time before it starts looking like an actual narrative.

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  1. Felipe says:

    OK, bear with me. Imagine if Season 2 had a Dr. Horrible-like episode going into more deaitls about Luna’s revolt. Dr. Horrible = Luna Penny = The citizens of Ponyville Captain Hammer = Celestia Does this make sense to anyone else?

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